Centergy Group has experience with projects across many diverse industries including telecommunications, global positioning systems, software development, architecture, engineering, construction, retail, medical, manufacturing, organizational management, event management, graphic design, web development, marketing & communications, surveying, and training.

The application of our services has the benefit of infusing best practices from across these industries and has extended the value that each client receives through the application of diverse and creative solutions.

Centergy Group is experienced in introducing, integrating, and leading Project Management and leadership methodologies for all projects within organizations across multiple industries.

Our experience spans information systems strategic planning, design, development, and implementation as well as the full development and fulfillment lifecycle of Architecture, Engineering, and Construction projects.

Centergy Group is consistently dedicated to controlling costs and implementing change in order to remain profitable and competitive while delivering quality and expertise.

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Provide “owner perspective” Project Management services through the application of Project Management Professional methodologies focused on assuring Project Management Process Adherence, Project Team Collaboration, and Overall Project Success through the application of Centergy Group's Reality Based Project Control System for the following Projects.

Client: FOX Networks

• FOX Sports 1 program management


Client: Coca-Cola

• Workplace 2020 Program

Client: CNN / Turner Entertainment / Turner Sports / Turner Properties / Cartoon Network

• Cartoon Network's Williams Street Studio Renovation Project
• CNN 10th & 11 th Floor South Tower Renovation Project
•CNN 11th Floor, South Tower Air Handler Systems Replacement Project
• CNN 7th Floor South Tower Renovation Project
• CNN Abu Dhabi Bureau Creation Project
• CNN Atrium Renovation Project
• CNN Broadcast Engineering Program Management Coordination Project
• CNN Closed Captioning Workflow Definition & Business Analysis
• CNN Domestic Proxy Edit Rollout Project - Atlanta, GA / New York, NY / Washington, D.C.
• CNN HD Broadcast Systems Conversion and Upgrade Program
• CNN HD Digital Record and Edit Program - Atlanta, GA
•CNN HD Server Based Playback Project
•CNN / Headline News "A" Control HD Conversion Project
•CNN High Definition Broadcast Systems Conversion and Upgrade Project
•CNN Hong Kong Project
•CNN International HD Broadcast Systems Conversion and Upgrade Program
•CNN International Pilot 5 Project
• CNN International Studio Renovation Project
• CNN London Project
• CNN Miami Bureau Relocation Project
• CNN Network Operations Building Generator & UPS Project
• CNN New Orleans Bureau Relocation Project
• CNN Post Production Facilities and Broadcast Systems Project
• CNN Radio Broadcast Systems Project
• CNN Sports Studio Facilities and Broadcast Systems Project
• CNN Studio 7 Facilities and Broadcast Systems Project
• CNN Terminal Gear Room Expansion Project
•CNN Terminal Gear Room Migration Project
• CNN VIZ 3 Systems Project
•CNN Washington DC HD TGR Conversion Project
• CNN Weather Center Studio Renovation Project
• CNN XSAN Systems Project
• Gametap Relocation Project
• Turner Entertainment Workflow Definition and Business Analysis
• Turner Field, Chairman's Club Project
• Turner Project Control System Training Program (author and facilitator)
• Turner Sports Central Feeds and Edit Program - Program Management
• Turner Sports Central Feeds and Edit Program - Workflow Definition and Business Analysis
• Turner Station Break Expansion Project

Client: Invesco

• Atlantic Trust - New York, NY - Corporate Offices Relocation Project
• Invesco - Atlanta, GA - Corporate Headquarters Relocation Project
• Invesco - Boston, MA - Relocation Project
• Invesco - Houston, TX - Renovation Project
• Invesco - Hyderabad, India - Corporate Offices Relocation Project
• Invesco - New York, NY - Corporate Offices Relocation Project
• Invesco - Prince Edward Island, Canada - Relocation Project

Client: BellSouth Telecommunications – BellSouth Center, Atlanta, GA

• Frame Relay Testing via INTAS Project
• Global Positioning Satellite / Fleet Management (GPS) Project
• BellSouth Communications Services GPS Project
• Planned Route Engine (PRE) Project
• Mobile Gateway Interface (MGI) Project

Client: McClier Corporation - AECOM, Atlanta, GA

• Corporate Headquarters Project
• SouthTrust Bank Corporate Headquarters Project
• ConAgra Foods Processing Plant Project

Client: Nix-Unger Construction, Inc. - Atlanta, GA

• Four Seasons Hotel Renovation Project
• Ritz Carlton Hotels Renovation Project
• Sheraton Hotels Renovation Project
• Marriott Hotels Renovation Project

Provide “owner perspective” Event Management services by applying Project Management Professional methodologies, strategic marketing, successful communication, high technology and database management, professional design, and premier event logistics to the creation and development of educational conferences, seminars, trade shows, corporate events, and festivals. Learn more...

Program Development, Membership Services & Event Management

•  2009 North Carolina Water Law & Policy Conference
•  Annual Georgia Environmental Conference (established: 2006)
•  Clean Cities-Atlanta - Partnership for Clean Transportation, Inc.

Event Management & Consulting

•  2009 Annual Tennessee Watershed Conference
•  Alpha Epsilon Alumni Event
•  Annual Florida Growth Management, Energy, Climate Change Conference (established: 1984)
•  Annual Florida Environmental Permitting Summer School (established: 1986)
•  Annual Turfgrass Institute & Trade Show
•  CoreNet Annual Conference
•  Florida Emergency Preparedness Association
•  Water Systems Council

Provide “owner perspective” Production Management services by applying Project Management Professional methodologies, full video production content strategy, full video post production and editing services, strategic communication plans, video distribution consulting & analytics, and professional graphic design & website development to the creation and production of business development materials, event promotional trailers, product demos, informational documentaries, website trailers, high profile interviews, and live transmission broadcasting. Learn more...

Marketing & Video Communication Projects

1st Annual North Carolina Water Law & Policy Conference Post Conference Video Project
2010 New York Children's Water Festival Promotional Trailer
2010 New York Children's Water Festival Video
3rd Annual Georgia Environmental Conference Post Conference Video Project
4th Annual Georgia Environmental Conference Opening Video Project
4th Annual Georgia Environmental Conference Post Conference Video Project
5th Annual Georgia Environmental Conference Promotional Video
"The Atlantan" Independent Film Project
• BD&E Analytical, Inc. Website and Promotional Materials Project

"BlockHeads - The Return of the Neighborhood" Video Project | BlockHeads TV Website
Centergy Group Promotional Video
Clean Cities-Atlanta 2010 National Alternative Fuel Vehicle Day Odyssey Video
Conference of Southern County Associations Video
Inman Park Festival Promotional Video Project
Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers Post Conference Video Project

> Testimonials

"An outstanding project manager. One I would trust to strategize, develop and implement any project, plus a heck of a nice guy."
- Greg Mason, Georgia Environmental Finance Authority Chief Operating Officer

"David has organized and implemented the Georgia Environmental Conference for 6 years. David's top-notch event management approach and friendly attitude has turned this fledgling event into Georgia's premier environmental conference. It is well-run and a pleasure to participate in. Thanks, David!"
- PJ Newcomb, Georgia Environmental Finance Authority State Utilities Program Engineer

"Thank you so much for all of your help in being an expert mechanic in building the Microsoft Project Schedule for the new CNN Weather Center Project. We could not have done this without you. We appreciate your work."
- Jack Womack, CNN Senior Vice President

"We just finished up another project with David. Ken this guy is the best. I really enjoy working with David. He is very detailed in his work and very willing to learn from us. When we ask him to do something he jumps on it and remembers for the next project. Great guy and a joy to work with."
- Mike Adgie, Turner Properties, Inc. Vice President

"David provided project scheduling services on a fast-track initiative. He exhibited in-depth knowledge of his craft and professional flexibility, and was very easy to work with. The project could not have succeeded without his contribution."
- Glen Wong, Invesco, Ltd. Senior Director of Corporate Properties

"Great job! My sincerest thanks go to you for your efforts on Monday! The Executive Steering Committee meeting you facilitated went as well as any steering meeting I have ever seen."
- Thomas Duttera, BellSouth Director

"Great job keeping us on track through the Executive presentation, testing, and in general, on target with all project efforts. It’s not like me to be so hands off…. Redirection of my efforts to other needs would not be possible if not for your skills in management and navigation through these issues."
- Barron Cain, BellSouth Manager

"David is a true star in the fields of project management and business consulting. He has a no-nonsense and pragmatic approach to both fields; there is no fluff, just good solid thinking driven home to workable solutions. David also has the tenacity to work with clients on the implementation phase, where his real-world experience helps them avoid common pitfalls. I have the utmost respect for his integrity, and envy his ability to keep people focused on tried-and-true project management principles."
- James Wolters, BellSouth TelecommunicationsExecutive Support Manager

"I had the privilege of attending the Project Management workshop at Techwood on Saturday. The presentations were fantastic. I left there with no uncertainties of the realities of project management. the presenters provided, in great detail the importance of preparation and what crucial significance a charter brings to a project. I now understand the skill, experience and flexibility that is required in trying to keep the project constituents as happy as possible and still complete the project...on time...and on budget. You have a tremendously talented staff and I look forward to more workshops."
- Matt Rogers, Turner Broadcasting, Inc. Senior Optic Transport Engineer

" I have to say it kinda marvels me that you have been so accommodating to us. You guys deal with things beyond my comprehension, yet take the time to respond to our meager requests. Very impressive."
- Melisssa Maddox, BD&E Analytical, Inc. Office Manager

"In the spirit of contributions to the furtherment of legitimate project management techniques, I wanted to share that you helped provide some momentum for my own efforts toward PMP certification. Last February, SMPTE organized a day long seminar on project management principles, supported by examples of how they were followed at Turner. Combined with Dave Slack and David Mook's presentations, I saw that through patience and hard work, you had seen a significant philosophical shift over the years, as Turner management endorsed the formal processes for project success. From the insight gained during that Atlanta session, I was more confident that further efforts toward this type of study and certification would be worthwhile in the long term. Another tip of my hat to you and your associates for the chance to see the advantages of your methods, and for this pointer toward PMI objectives being accomplished. "
- Jim Ferguson, Project Management Professional

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